Thank Yous

Thank you to the Trustees of the John James Bristol Foundation for the kind grant of £27,540 towards the cost of replacing the lights in our side galleries at the RWA. The support has come at a pivotal moment for the RWA, prior to the opening of one its most high-profile exhibitions to date. ‘Albert Irvin and Abstract Expressionism’ includes work by Albert Irvin, one of Britain’s most important post-war painters. The support of the John James Foundation was publicly acknowledged to the packed audience at the Private View and is permanently credited through signage in each of the relevant galleries.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Thank you letters from Victoria Park Primary School teacher and pupils following a donation towards Year 5 School Camp:

“May I take the opportunity to thank you again for the incredibly generous and substantial grant that you provided us with to help fund our recent Year 5 trip to Longtown Outdoor Education Centre in Brecon. The children showed amazing resilience in the face of some very tough challenges.”

“Thank you for donating an incredible amount of money for our School camp. I had a fabulous time spending quality time with my friends. My favourite thing was the pudding after supper.”

“Thank you so much for donating money for us to go on camp. I greatly enjoyed the activities. In my opinion caving was the most exciting activity. The rooms were nice and the beds were comfy. The entire class enjoyed the three night stay. Thank you again.” 

“Thank you very much for the tickets for the show ‘Legally Blonde’. The show was absolutely excellent. The future for amateur dramatics in Bristol are very good. My heartfelt thanks to all concerned, it is greatly appreciated.”

“Such an energetic show and so well presented as usual. All the cast were so good and enthusiastic.”

“We thoroughly enjoyed our evening out. The show ‘Legally Blonde’ was a great success and the seats were in a lovely position. The cast performed well both acting and singing.”

“Thank you for the tickets for ‘Legally Blonde’. A really wonderful show and a real treat. Goodness knows how the leading people remember all their words.”

A sample of Thank you letters from elderly residents of Bristol after receiving complimentary tickets to BAOS' production of 'Legally Blonde' at the Redgrave Theatre.

 St Mary's Players performed 'Jane Eyre' at the Redgrave Theatre in April 2017.  The Foundation has received many letters of thanks following complimentary tickets being sent out to Elderly residents of Bristol:

"It was a lovely performance.  I really like the idea that you are 'killing two birds with one stone' - helping the amateur theatrical groups and giving out tickets to the elderly as a special treat.  The theatre group seem to enjoy performing as much as we like watching them."

"Jane Eyre, what a fantastic show it was.  It was as good if not better than some of the professional shows I've seen."

"The acting, the costumes, everything was first class and obviously so much hard work had gone into the production."

St Mary's Players

The Foundation has received letters of thanks following Bristol Amateur Operatic Society's Youth performance of "Seussical the Musical" at the Redgrave Theatre, to which elderly residents of Bristol received complimentary tickets:

"I didn't quite know what to expect - but what a show!  The performance was brilliant.  Such a high standard and so uplifting to see young people thoroughly enjoying themselves.  Good dancing and some beautiful voices!"

"The singing and dancing from the children was non stop.  Thanking you for a real treat."

 " Thank you for the tickets, my friend and I thought the show was fantastic."

 "Many thanks, the show was amazing.  So enjoyable and very well performed by all performers of different ages."

Bristol Amateur Operatic Society Youth 

The £1000 Maths prize I was awarded by John James when studying for my A-levels in 1993 gave me both the chance to sample what my life would be like in the two different paths that were opening up to me and the freedom to make the changes and choices that have shaped my life ever since. I will always be grateful to the great man, his brilliant family and his amazing foundation for having the insight to know that seemingly small interventions at pivotal moments can make the world of difference to individual lives. I strive to follow in their footsteps in every way I can, through my work, with my family and in my community. Thank you and keep up the good work! 

Kate Smith (nee Redmond) former pupil of Clifton High School for Girls

 Following a grant of £50,000, the Foundation has received a lovely thank you card from all at Hawkspring:

"We want to say a big thank you to everyone at the John James  Bristol Foundation. Thank you so much for your continued support."   

 "Thank you so much for your support.  I know it makes a direct difference to the children I work with everyday.  Thank you so much."     

 " I know the difference our support work means to so many local people and changes lives, thank you so much for helping us move forward"        

 "Words cannot express how grateful we are for your continued support.  Thank you so much."          

 "As a local resident as well as a worker I am very relieved that this area will continue to benefit from this essential service.  Many thanks." 

 "We are so grateful to you for your continued support and recognition of the important work and support we give the local community.  Thank you   for believing in us."              

 "On behalf of all of the Trustees we want you to know that your kind financial support has been invaluable and has enabled us to continue to     fundraise and provide vital services.  We are truly grateful."   

"Many thanks for your generosity this should enhance our hope to secure longer term funds for our much needed project"                                                 




We have received many letters of thanks following the complimentary tickets sent out to the elderly of Bristol for the production of 'The Producers' at the Redgrave Theatre:

"Thank you so much for the tickets to see 'The Producers'.  It was amazing and we both enjoyed it immensely.  Please pass our thanks on to the cast, they were all marvelous."

"The show of 'The Producers' was really exceptional.  We are very lucky to have such generosity."

"It was very entertaining and professional and we enjoyed the afternoon very much.  My heartfelt thanks to all concerned you were all brilliant."

"It was so funny and as usual beautiful costumes.  They all work so hard so that many people can have such an enjoyable time out."

"It was absolutely brilliant and most hilarious.  I've never laughed so much at a show. Thank you."

"Thank you so much.  The show was absolutely brilliant and I laughed so much it was a proper tonic."

Bristol Amateur Operatic Society (BAOS)  

Bristol Musical Theatre put on a performance of "Carousel" at the Redgrave theatre, the Foundation has received many letters of thanks from the elderly of Bristol:

"It was an absolutely brilliant show, most enjoyable."

"Many thanks for a lovely afternoon, my friend and I loved it."

"It was a very good show, a very nice treat for us"

"It was very kind of you to send me a ticket to see 'Carousel' which I enjoyed very much."

 Bristol Musical Theatre

Following a £10,000 grant awarded to improve the garden at the Southville Centre.  The Foundation has received a lovely thank you and follow up report:

"On behalf of the Southville Community Development Association I’d again like to extend our thanks to the Foundation for this support.  I am pleased to confirm that the works were completed over the summer, this included resurfacing all of the space in the main area of the garden. We’re very pleased with the result and the children have been enjoying using the space in very different ways.   It’s really made a very positive impact to play experiences for young children here and has improved the space for the local community."

The Southville Centre

Thanks to your donation we were able to provide an activity break to Calvert Trust site in Exmoor, for 21 of our disabled members and essential volunteers, as part of our 10th anniversary of the charity's founding. The group was set up in 2005 as a social outlet for disabled people aged 16-25 as a result of our founding members suffering isolation and lack of self-esteem. We would like to thank the Foundation once again for their generous donation; without doubt the weekend would have been impossible without the support granted from the John James Bristol Foundation.

Young & Free

I am writing on behalf of the pupils and staff at Perry Court Primary School to thank you for your generous donation of £2,000 towards our recent visit to Barton Camp.  Here are some of the comments from the 267 children that were able to go thanks to your generosity.

"Thank you for the money, we all had so much fun and enjoyed it very much."

"Thank you for helping to fund Barton Camp, if it wasn't for you we wouldn't of had a lot of fun."

" I had an amazing time, and you made it happen, thank you."

" Barton Camp was amazing, we went swimming played football and climbed Crooks Peak.  We are all very grateful."

Perry Court Primary School

Some thank you letters from Elderly residents of Bristol after receiving complimentary tickets following BLOC Productions performance of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the Bristol Hippodrome in September 2018

“Thank you very much for sending me tickets, the show was fantastic. So professional. To think they built their own car for production was amazing. The costumes were very pretty, the sets brilliant, the acting and singing was excellent. They excelled themselves, and I hope they win ‘The Rose Bowl’ this year.”

“Thank you for the tickets, it was staged so well, the flying car was amazing. The children had a lot to do, they were wonderful.”

“The show was excellent – it had everything in it to keep you absorbed. BLOC never fail to put on a brilliant professional show, they really are so talented.”

“It’s great to have an orchestra playing. Very professional performance, the flying car was really good. Dance routines very good particularly the ‘Music Box’ solo by Truly Scrumptious. Our favourite characters were the Belgium spies, they were really funny and entertaining. The whole performance was a joy to watch 10 out of 10.”

    The Foundation would like to thank Stewart Mcpherson Photography for providing photographs for the John James website and leaflet. Stewart provides photos for the theatre productions that the elderly residents of Bristol receive from the Foundation. His most recent contribution was BLOC’s performance of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the Bristol Hippodrome in September 2018. See more of Stewart’s work here:

“What a brilliant performance by a local company. The main characters, the chorus and the settings were outstanding. I don’t think a London based company could give their all as we witnessed in Bristol.”“Thank you for the tickets for ‘My Fair Lady’. We both thoroughly enjoyed the performance and appreciated it so much. My wife has just been diagnosed with leukemia and I am waiting for an op and both feeling a little down. The performance lifted our spirits making us feel a lot better. Thank you very much, for the opportunity to see a wonderful show.”

“Just to say thank you and how brilliant ‘My Fair Lady’ was. The show was very professional, we are extremely lucky to have such an excellent amateur group in Bristol.”

“What a show. The singing, the cast, the scenery and even the men in brown coats that move things in the dark. Not forgetting the lighting and staff unseen. Thank you once again from two delighted people.”

“I think the production of the wonderful show ‘My Fair Lady’ was one of the best ever, in every way. As so many of us elderly people do not get out much now, the chance we have now is so appreciated.”

A selection of Thank you letters from elderly residents of Bristol after receiving complimentary tickets to BLOC'S production of 'My Fair Lady' at Bristol Hippodrome.


 We have received many letters of thanks following the complimentary tickets sent out to the elderly of Bristol for the production of 'Dirty Rotten Scoundrels' at the Redgrave Theatre:

"It was a really funny show which made us both laugh so much that our sides were splitting.  A fabulous show from start to finish."

"Excellent show, very professional, fast moving, funny and guessing to the end."

"The production was very entertaining and the cast had a lot of energy.  The singing and acting was excellent and we enjoyed the afternoon very much."

"Absolutely excellent and we really enjoyed our afternoon treat."

"It was very funny, entertaining production.  Really good singing and dancing and the whole cast were very professional.  The lead actors were excellent."

Bristol Musical Comedy Club

"Thank you for your kind and generous donation. It allowed the children to go on a once in a lifetime camp."  
"Thanks to your generous people and your Foundation, we absolutely enjoyed camp.  Your donation has really helped us to have a great experience people might not have."
"Thank you for your generosity we really enjoyed camp but if you didn't help we would not have been able to go."
"Thank you for your generous donation towards our camp, because of you I've got to experience things I thought I would never be able to."
 Ilminster Avenue E-Act Academy

Bristol Amateur Operatic Society put on a performance of "Made in Dagenham" at the Redgrave Theatre in April 2017.  The Foundation has received many letters of thanks from some of the elderly residents of Bristol who attended the shows:

" What a brilliant show!  We thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon outing."

"We thoroughly enjoyed it, it brought back many memories." "What a wonderful performance."

"Many thanks for the tickets to a brilliant show.  BAOS really are quite as good as any professional."

Bristol Amateur Operatic Society (BAOS)

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the substantial grant that you provided us to help fund our Year 5 trip to Longtown Outdoor Education centre in Brecon, Herefordshire. The children rose to the challenges that they were faced with over the course of the three days with smiles on their faces.  Once again, thank you so much for making it possible for some of our most underprivileged children to have such wonderful experiences."
Victoria Park Primary School

The Foundation awarded elderly people's clubs across the City of Bristol grants towards their Christmas Parties. Here are a few of the thank you letters we have received:

"Once again our Monday Club, guests, staff and volunteers would like to say how grateful and delighted we were to receive the support from John James Foundation for our annual Christmas event. We had a wonderful gathering of members on the 19th December 2016. We cannot thank you enough for providing the funds to make this special event at Christmas happen each year. For many older people who may not have immediate family this group has become their family and this annual Christmas celebration is therefore significant."

The Monday Club - The Southville Community Development Association

"Thank you again for the grant towards a wonderful meal.  The venue a favourite of our members was perfect- our local golf club.  The table was laid beautifully and food delicious.  All members and their guests that were able to attend had a great time."

Dawn James Art Club

"We are very touched and exceedingly grateful for your generous donation towards our Christmas giving. We use your money to buy gifts. Your donation is a great help in all we seek to do at this time of year to reach so many in need who have so little."

Sisters of the Church

"Many thanks for granting us the generous amount of funding towards our Christmas party. I know how much the Christmas party means to our members, as the majority of them are now living on their own and look forward to the party so they can see their old friends and colleagues."

G.W.R.S.A Bristol Retired Section

"May I say thank you for the grant we received, we are very grateful for this help. It will go a long way to help us have a lovely Christmas dinner."

Hollidge Gardens Disability Club

"I am writing to say thank you for your very kind donation, towards our work here in Bristol with the homeless. Your money will be put towards helping us provide gifts for our residents this Christmas that will help to make the festive time an enjoyable one."

The Salvation Army Centre

"Sincere thanks to the trustees of the John James Bristol Foundation for their generous support of our older people's groups. The group members will be very grateful for the opportunity to celebrate. Many of them no longer have close family members and can become rather isolated without the social interaction that the group provides."

Windmill Hill City Farm Older People's Group

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your most generous gift to us. We will certainly enjoy our Christmas lunch which is made for a very happy time."

We have received many letters of thanks following the complimentary tickets sent out to the elderly of Bristol for the production of 'Betty Blue Eyes' at the Redgrave Theatre:

"It was a most entertaining and humorous show, which we thoroughly enjoyed.  We certainly have lots of local talent in Bristol."

"The show was absolutely wonderful.  It was very entertaining, the singing and acting was very professional and we enjoyed the afternoon very much."

"Thank you for the tickets to see 'Betty Blue Eyes'. I had never heard of the musical and would certainly recommend it!  It was such a treat to have an evening at the theatre." 

Bristol Musical Comedy Club

I am writing on behalf of Victoria Park Primary School to say an enormous thank you for your very generous donation towards our Year 5 residential trip this year.  Each year the prices go up and thanks to your contribution we were able to subsidise the trip for our pupils. Here are a few letters from the Y5 children:

" Thank you for the money you gave to our school which helped us to go on a brilliant camp.  We did lots of fun activities, it was spectacular and something I will never forget."

"I saw lots of new things, I would not have seen otherwise.  We all left with tons of memorable moments and we are immensely grateful for all your help."

Year 5 Teacher - Victoria Park Primary School

We have received many letters of thanks following the complimentary tickets sent out to the elderly of Bristol for St Mary's Players production of "Kiss Me Kate" at the Redgrave Theatre:

"We loved the play and the costumes were beautiful"       

"Very enjoyable, such a lively show and much hard work"

"It was a wonderful show and the singing by the cast was first class, especially the leading lady and gentleman.  It certainly was a lovely special treat"

"It was a really good seat plus the show was most enjoyable.  St Mary's Players are always really good and work very hard."

"it was a great show, one of the best we have ever seen.  What a lovely night out."

  St Mary's Players

"Thank you for your grant of £1,360 to enable us to launch an intergenerational gardening club.  The children from the Redcliffe Children's Centre have been enjoying the winter sunshine and planting pear trees - which the grant from John James Bristol Foundation helped us buy - in the grounds of the estate. We now have 24 children who attend the group on a regular basis in groups of 8, they don't have their own gardens so really enjoy being outdoors and learning about plants. The older participants love having the children there as they really help add to the sense of fun, community and belonging within the group. Thanks again."

Growing Support CIC

The Foundation recently awarded Above & Beyond a £100,000 grant to support a commemorative room for older patients in the Bristol Royal Infirmary.  We have received the following thank you:

"Thank you so very much for supporting older people in hospital by funding an additional individual room and naming it the 'John James' Room.  We all know what a difference it can make to have privacy and dignity when you are ill or dying, it can mean a lot to both patients and family.  Your support and interest in our work is greatly valued by staff, the trustees, the hospital team and patients."

Above & Beyond