DVD Documentary

Directed and produced by Clare Brook this DVD forms part of the Foundation’s celebrations of 50 years of philanthropy both by John James personally and the Foundations set up by him.

John James was born in Bedminster, Bristol in 1906. Although he had a humble start in life, through hard work, determination and an ability to take advantage of commercial ideas, John James became one of the most successful business men in post war Britain.

In later life John James became a wealthy man, but he never forgot his roots and generously supported many causes which benefited Citizens of Bristol.

Beautifully produced this DVD captures the highs and lows of John’s life and gives insight into the man who whilst focused, intelligent and very private was also a born sharer.

A free copy of this DVD may be obtained from the John James Bristol Foundation if you send a large letter stamp together with your name and address to:

John James Bristol Foundation
7 Clyde Road